Saturday, 29 December 2012

George the Third men`s clothes

George the Third Men`s Clothes

I love the short waistcoats and tight trousers which were worn with powdered wogs and long overcoats. The short waistcoats were often made from satin or silk worn for best occasions. The wigs were worn to conceal greasy hair, baldness and mostly head lice. The boots were more practical than fashionable and the coats which were either double-breasted or singular were tailcoat for formal and long for normal use. Not to mention the Heathcliffe like hat worn to bear weather of all forms and to last for years.

Puffy dresses

 They may look slightly hideous and ugly to us but these dresses were made to show the beauty and nature of the characters in films. The big pink dress was worn by Deborah Kerr in "the king and I", stand out among the beautiful Saris worn by the other characters to show how English she looks in contrast to everyone else. The middle one which looks slightly like a Victorian nightgown was worn Joan Crawford in Letty Lynton in 1932 in a more dramatic scene to draw attention to her.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

More Banton and some kimonos

I `ve found some more glamorous designs by Thomas Banton, who is also costume designer for my Fair Lady. I love the way he finds clothing which looks so fitted and unique on each character.

I was inspired by the kimonos in The Memoir of the Geisha girl when I watched the film and found the hand-painted prints so incredible detailed and beautiful that I just had to sketch them.

The 30`s clothing tends to be very sparkly, glamorous and  full of shorter hair cuts with thick head bands! So I wasn`t surprised when I came across the 30`s  pictures of Cleopatra costumes (designed by Travis Banton) slightly revealing yet covered with jewels and silk. Banton, had wanted to go for an Egyptian theme with a thirties twist, Which he did well by getting the actresses to have short haircuts but with the Egyptian block fringes. As well as this and heavier make-up he managed
 to adjust the Egyptian clothes to look alot more alluring and seductive.

I found an amazing  photo from a 2006 edition of Vogue of a Marie-Antoinette style photo-shoot! I loved the large dresses with the tiny corsets and plunging neck-lines which gave each model character.
Winter Shoe Funk
Yes, I know what your thinking, this is meant to be a this be a blog on costume design so why is she designing shoes? Well, page viewer it just seems that I cant get enough of the clothes bug recently!So I`ve decided to combine my love of clothes and costume design on the blog.
I`ve noticed that alot of people have been wearing big chunky black wedges recently. So I decided to see if I could come up with something more colourful and wintry.
So, I designed some heels with a more Gothic design on but with brighter  colours.
 Johny Depp, has is an actor with one of the most creative costumes that I have ever seen. His costumes designed by Colleen Atwood, Aggie Guerad Rodgers, Julie Weiss and more. Have all been tailored and chosen for each flamboyant character that he`s been. I find it incredible that one man can look so different in so many different clothes! I love his costume for the Mad Hatter, with fabrics  poking out of his coat and bobbins stuck in his hatband.