Sunday, 16 December 2012

The 30`s clothing tends to be very sparkly, glamorous and  full of shorter hair cuts with thick head bands! So I wasn`t surprised when I came across the 30`s  pictures of Cleopatra costumes (designed by Travis Banton) slightly revealing yet covered with jewels and silk. Banton, had wanted to go for an Egyptian theme with a thirties twist, Which he did well by getting the actresses to have short haircuts but with the Egyptian block fringes. As well as this and heavier make-up he managed
 to adjust the Egyptian clothes to look alot more alluring and seductive.

I found an amazing  photo from a 2006 edition of Vogue of a Marie-Antoinette style photo-shoot! I loved the large dresses with the tiny corsets and plunging neck-lines which gave each model character.
Winter Shoe Funk
Yes, I know what your thinking, this is meant to be a this be a blog on costume design so why is she designing shoes? Well, page viewer it just seems that I cant get enough of the clothes bug recently!So I`ve decided to combine my love of clothes and costume design on the blog.
I`ve noticed that alot of people have been wearing big chunky black wedges recently. So I decided to see if I could come up with something more colourful and wintry.
So, I designed some heels with a more Gothic design on but with brighter  colours.
 Johny Depp, has is an actor with one of the most creative costumes that I have ever seen. His costumes designed by Colleen Atwood, Aggie Guerad Rodgers, Julie Weiss and more. Have all been tailored and chosen for each flamboyant character that he`s been. I find it incredible that one man can look so different in so many different clothes! I love his costume for the Mad Hatter, with fabrics  poking out of his coat and bobbins stuck in his hatband.


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