Sunday, 4 November 2012

Mrs Patmore and Daisy are in different ranks but I wanted to draw them together to show the difference between them and the other servants. They both never wear the traditional black dress and crisp white pinny since they never have to go upstairs. So they both wear more casual dresses of their own. However, Mrs Patmore wears the full apron and cap not only for practical needs but becasue it shows that she is above Daisy.

Anna Smith our new Mrs Bates (since last series) is our head housemaid but there is only one maid under her-Ivy. She still does have a higher status than Ivy since she goes upstairs to help dress the daughters. She wears the traditional black and white upstairs with a smaller cap to conceal her hair for formal purposes rather than practical.

Ivy the new pretty young housemaid rarely wears black and white but tends to wear her pale green housedress with her pinny.  The dress is in the same style as Daisey but with buttons down the front. I cant find any pictures of her in her cap but I`m sure she wears the same one as Anna.
 James or Jimmy the handsome new footman whose fighting against Alfred for the place of first footman. They both have the same uniform of black tie with tails for serving supper and a dark green waistcoat for everything else.
Alfred, fighting for Ivy and first footman same description as James yet doesn`t look as sleek in tails.

I had no intention of putting him out of rank but I wanted to save him for last. Thomas, devious and scheming creature who seems to have humilated himself for more than he desrves oooh Mrs O`Brien really dosent like him now! However he has the same costume as Carson, James and Alfred. Never seen him in his waistcoat since he`s Lord Grantham`s valet he ends up spending most of his time upstairs. But maybe not for long since Bates is back!