Friday, 26 October 2012

Fairisle or Glasses

                                                             The Fair isle jumper vs glasses                                        

Fair isle Jumper

The Fair isle jumper was first worn by 19th Century fishermen. It`s comeback was in 1922 when the Prince of Wales wore it to a golf game. Ever since it`s been a big hit in the high street.
This British sweater is worn by celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Fearne Cotton,Emma Watson, 1D etc.

Big frames like these have come into fashion since Ray Band made their own pair which got opticians and designers in awe. Four eyes like me have been delighted to find ourselves looking chic rather than a stereotype.
Even celebrities who are not known for having bad eye sight have been spotted wearing this eye-wear in music videos and films. These have almost become the next sunglasses and I hope are going to stay in fashion until the price of laser eye surgery goes down.
Which brings me to the real question:
If  you had to choose,glasses or fair isle?


  1. Hi Rosa I say both Glasses and Fair Isle - I'm wearing both now!

    1. Very good combo!! I have to agree with you there I can't decide