Friday, 26 October 2012

Downton Abbey Downstairs costumes 1

Carson is well loved character being a the Grandfather figure who often displays his tough love. Even his casuals look like something we would wear to a dinner party. With his pinstripe trousers and stiff collar he looks like Jeeves! I accidentally drew him to the side so he looks like Stephen Fry! He seems to have the same uniform as the footmen even though he`s the head butler.

Mrs Hughes is often put in her more Victorian and practical looking dresses for her role as housekeeper. The dress does have a lace trim to it which shows her status and also her personality. If Carson is the tough-loving Grandfather she is the stealthy Great-Aunt who does seem to have a warm side under her forward personality. Her hat is also practical looking but not too modest.

Bates a man who seems to be in trouble without causing it. Looks cuddly but can be aggressive in bad situations. Being a valet he wears plain clothing but has hair gelled back like the other male staff for formality. Wears a simple black bowler-hat often worn by the middle class.

Our nasty and defencive lady`s maid! Always ready to cause trouble lets everyone know of her status in Downton. Has three main dresses two for everyday one for formal. Fairly fashionable button up dresses with pan-collars and white cuffs seems old-fashioned but the pan-collar is having a comeback in real life.  Shops such as Boden still sell cardigans with large buttons on.

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